Our Story


We started REAL STARS ARE RARE with a simple vision: small collections of classic, timeless pieces with a focus on top quality materials, all based on a loosely modernist aesthetic. Mass production isn't in the plan; instead we want to produce limited runs, giving us the flexibility to keep adding new variations and colours to popular items and to produce new styles, special editions and one-offs when it feels right or we find a great fabric or maker.

Every garment we make is based on inspiration Paul has taken from a life-long interest in fashion and style and starts life sketched by him. And he stays involved at each step as his partner, Phil, owner of Tonic on the Portobello Road, takes those drawings from the page to the shop floor, working on the styling and sourcing fabrics and manufacturers to realise each product line.

We’re determined to hold tight to that initial ambition. As someone once said, ‘while fashions go out of style, style never goes out of fashion’. Sharp tailoring, quality knits, the perfect shirt... We’re not about following trends and while we try to work within the general fashion calendar, producing Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter collections, we aren’t tied to the strict regime of the bigger brands. We prefer to keep our operation small and well considered.

For now the collection can only be bought here online or at Phil's shop Tonic on the Portobello Road, the 'spiritual home' of our little operation. Like we’ve always said, if you like REAL STARS ARE RARE and you want to wear it, you’ll find it and hopefully recommend it. This is Paul’s vision for his clothing range. In many ways it reflects his approach to making music and it echoes his philosophy.

The name comes from a line I heard somewhere: ‘REAL STARS ARE RARE... they only come out at night.’ Make of that what you will but I like it and there’s a lot of truth in it! - PW

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