REAL STARS ARE RARE has been in the planning, you could say, for forty years.
Ever since a kid from Woking first cupped his hands and peered through the window of Flaks’ boutique
in the late sixties, enchanted with the fashion and the faces making waves on the local scene.


That kid, Paul Weller, grew up and became a musician, a songwriter and frontman.
Many claim his is the voice of a generation.


One thing’s certain; Paul never lost his passion for image and style.


It was at Tonic, a menswear store on the Portobello Road, shooting the breeze about clothes,
that an idea was born. The idle talk became a bigger conversation,
shared thinking around a new collection of menswear, classic and timeless.
Sharp tailoring, quality knits, the perfect shirt...

  It was only a matter of time. REAL STARS ARE RARE was inevitable. 

REAL STARS ARE RARE will be available
via index London from January 27th 2014



20 East Castle Street,
London W1W 8DB

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